1.  What is Achieve100.com?

Achieve100.com is an easy-to-use website that provides students with three ways to study and practice the Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension and Math skills taught to them in school. The three ways are:

· Study Cards

o    Individual words (Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary), questions (Reading Comprehension – Short Stories, Poems and Did You Know articles) and problems (Math) are organized into pertinent Study Groups;

o    Each Study Card is presented to the student;

o    The student does the Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension or Math Study Card one at a time;

o    Then the student immediately checks the answer;

o    Once a student goes through the set of Study Cards, any missed words or problems are presented to them once more, helping them to focus on the those words or problems that are giving them difficulty.

· Practice Tests

o    Students select “classroom-like” tests or take the tests in prescribed order

o    After completing all of the words, questions or problems on the test, the test is immediately graded

o    The student immediately reviews their test with the correct answers presented if they got it wrong

o    The student can retake the test or review it at any time;

o    A special feature allows students to review the last 20 incorrect words, questions or problems in each subject, respectively;

· Games

o    In the Gameroom, students can play Word or Math games

o    Word games use the word lists presented in the Study Groups;

o    Math games use problems presented in the Study Groups or problems that are associated with Study Group topics;

o    Words and Math problems from Study Groups are randomly used in each game.

2.  Does Achieve100.com support state education standards and testing?

Yes. Achieve100.com uses content that supports each state’s standards, objectives and expectations for each grade level presented. We do this by giving parents and teachers a vehicle to assess each student’s abilities AND by allowing students to practice the skills taught to them in the classroom. We believe that students who consistently attain 90% or above on Achieve100.com’s practice tests will perform in the TOP 10% in any standardized state education test. Note: Students can do Study Cards or Practice Tests in any and all subjects, at any and all grades – Great for remedial needs or advanced students.

3.  How were the words selected for the Reading and Spelling Study Groups and Practice Tests?

The words that have been selected and included in the Achieve100 Study Groups and Practice Tests are the result of computer analysis of the most frequently used words in each grade – across all subjects. Because the analysis was performed across all subjects, our comprehensive set of words helps students to learn and improve comprehension in all subjects, not just reading. And the most frequently used words in a grade are presented earlier in the year. Additionally, the Dolch 220 Sight Words are included in the K-2 lists while the Dolch 1,000 and the Fry 1,000 words are included in our K-5 word Study Groups and Practice Tests.

Reading – over 5,000 words and audio files, over 100 Study Groups and over 100 Practice Tests (Note: Students should

  be accompanied by a parent or teacher when taking the Reading Practice Tests.).

Spelling – over 5,000 words and audio files, over 150 Study Groups and over 300 Practice Tests

4.  How were the words, stories, poems and “did you know” articles selected for the Vocabulary

     and Reading Comprehension Groups and Practice Tests?

Vocabulary – over 1,000 words and growing every month, over 100 Study Groups and over 200 Practice Tests!

Reading Comprehension – over 200 short stories, poems and “did you know” articles in Study Groups and Practice Tests

5.  How were the Math topics and problems selected for Study Groups and Practice Tests?

Math topics and problems were selected from review of the most popular Math textbooks used in schools across the country today. Math Study Groups and Practice Tests are also presented in a building block approach, continually using and reinforcing math concepts that were previously learned.

Math – over 7,000 problems and questions, over 200 Study Groups and over 400 Practice Tests.

6.  Why is it important to test a student's knowledge?

Testing is the way you can identify which areas need more attention in the teaching/learning process.

Also, students need to feel comfortable with taking tests as a student will take over 1,000 tests and quizzes during their elementary, middle school, and high school years. When you add trade school, college (and prerequisite SAT/ACT tests) and job tests, it is easy to see that students need to feel comfortable with testing processes. Parents can help to reduce "testing anxiety" by looking at each student's scores constructively, with a strong supportive attitude focused on improving the student's knowledge in a given subject.

7.  Is it important for my child to read, study/practice words and use math skills over summer vacation?

YES!! All young people experience summer learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during vacation, according to several studies. In fact, most students lose about 2 months of grade level equivalency in math skills over the summer months while low-income students lose more than two months in reading achievement. And most Students typically score lower on national standardized tests at the end of summer vacation. Source: Johns Hopkins University’s National Center for Summer Learning

8.   Does my annual subscription fee cover more than one child?

YES. The annual subscription fee allows up to 5 students per family (that is, per email address) to access ALL sections of Achieve100.com!!!

9.   Do students have to work around advertising?

No - there is no advertising in any of the areas used by the students. There may be some advertising in two sections that are available for parents: 1) Articles on Improving Your Child's Education; and 2) Teaching Resources (coming soon).

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