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Achieve100.com’s mission is to provide tools to help students maximize their academic and learning efforts and achieve their best performance. Specifically, Achieve100.com provides pertinent exercises in many subject areas which test a student’s knowledge of each respective exercise. Achieve100.com focuses on the following subjects and catalogs:

Language Arts
  • Reading - Word Recognition: Over 5,000 words are presented and a parent/teacher judges if the student reads the word quickly (2 seconds or less) and correctly. This tests the student's reading fluency.
  • Spelling: Over 5,000 words are presented via audio and the student uses either a virtual keyboard presented (student just uses a mouse) or optionally, the computer keyboard.
  • Vocabulary: Over 1,000 words and growing! Words are presented with either "multiple choice" definitions from which the student selects the correct definition or ‘Fill-in-the-blank’ sentences where the student chooses the correct word from a “multiple choice” set of words – ensures the student understands the meaning of the words. Each exercise complements the respective Spelling exercise's set of words.
  • Reading Comprehension: Paragraphs, short stories, poems or “did you know” articles are presented the student is asked questions to assess their understanding and comprehension of the text. This tests not only the student's reading fluency and word recognition but importantly, the student’s abilities to recognize and process grade-appropriate words, and ultimately enable them to comprehend the thoughts and ideas presented in a more complex environment.
  • Arithmetic - Over 7,000 problems for K-5 students
  • Math - Grades 6-8 (coming in 2011)
  • Algebra & Geometry – Grades 9-11 (coming in 2011)
  • Calculus & Trigonometry – Grade 12 (coming in 2011)
Social Studies
  • American History (coming in 2011)
  • World History (coming in 2011)
  • U.S. (coming in 2011)
  • Western Hemisphere (coming in 2011)
  • Eastern Hemisphere (coming in 2011)
  • K-8 (coming in 2011)

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